Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Oh Sundays...I hate Sundays. 

Only because it's the end of the weekend and it's usually spent with my face stuffed into my nursing books thanks to my awesome professors who makes us take a test every Monday! 


I don't have a test tomorrow thanks to our messed up schedule from last week due to President's Day (thanks George & Abe!).

So today, I went to work. :) Oh how I've missed work. For those of you who don't know,  I'm in school full time to be a Registered Nurse. I currently work as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN/LVN) at a SNF (pronounced "sniff" or long version - skilled nursing facility). I worked our sub-acute unit today, which is a short-stay unit for patients who are there specifically for physical therapy purposes. It's also big on wounds. I did all the wounds for the entire unit (around 20 different wounds) and was happy to get back in the grind and refresh my skills. I was a 40-hr/week nurse...down to one shift on the weekends thanks to school. If i even get that :( So when work called saying they needed an extra nurse on the floor, I was happy to oblige and get my hands into all the ooey-gooey! I do believe Med-Surg may be my calling once I'm an RN. I ♥ me some wounds!

Once I got off work, I went to dinner with my hunnie and enjoyed some delicious sushi at Akai Hana. Please enjoy the pictures below...and refrain from drooling all over your keyboard (for you sushi lovers!).

Delicious Bowl of Ramen

Las Vegas & California Roll

Dessert! Banana Tempura & Mango Ice Cream
With a full belly, it's time to finish up some last minute hw. I'm trying not to fall asleep, but good food + a happy tummy = Comatose Kim.

Oh wells. Goodnight All! ♥

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Slothful Saturday

Well today was non-productivity at its finest! I spent all of today inside, attached to this computer. I did manage to squeeze in some eating time and tv/movie time with Ron :) And I'm getting a couple loads of laundry done. So I guess it's not that bad.
 Lazy Song by Bruno Mars (best song EVER!!)
Go that play button! You know you wanna!

(speaking of bruno mars...did I mention I just got my tickets for his concert in June?! Bruno out! I'm comin for ya!)

Anywho, ever since I started blogging 2 whole days ago...I have been at it non-stop. Not the blogging part per se, but rather jump starting my blog page. I never knew how much work it is! Kudos to all of you out there who are doing this!! Especially to those of you who have amazing looking blog pages (which is pretty much all of you! lol) And BIG shout out to my sister, Angie...without her help, well, I'd be helpless! My gadgets and gizmos would be all over the page!!

So while I don't have much to blog about...I did manage to fix up some of my Pages on my site! So if you're bored, take a peek! :D

Now it's time to unwind (as if i'm wound up) and get ready for bed. Work in the morning! gah!

Goodnight Bloggerifics!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Saddle Bags & Cowboy Hats...

Happy Friday Y'all!

I usually spend my Friday's buried in books and homework from my busy week of nursing school. However, the addicting world of blogging sucked me right in today and I pretty much spent my whole day tweaking my blog site. It's still a major work in progress, but hey, it's getting there! :)

Tonight, I got my grub on here!

We ate at Saddle Ranch in celebration of two of our family friends' birthdays. Saddle Ranch is located in the heart of Westgate City Center (an outdoor entertainment center with bars, resteraunts, shops, etc located in Glendale, AZ). 

One word to describe the food: Heart-stopping! ( arteries clogged just looking at the food) They had huge platters that made me wish I had my fat girl pants on! The food was fried, golden, and delicious!

In honor of the birthday celebrants, Saddle Ranch provided us with complimentary Cotton Candy and B-Day Cake!! My face lit up like a fat kid in a candy store!

And what better way to end the night then watching your friends get tossed and thrown around like a ragdoll?!


Alas, it was a great start to the weekend! Now I'm off to de-silverize my poor head of hair. preparations, why do you do this to me?! (Hey...I gotta blame someone right?!)

Goodnight Blog World!

Accomplishing The Unexpected: Taxes and Blogging!

Hello! After much deliberation, I caved and decided to start blogging! Please bear with me as I slooowly learn the ins and outs of all of this!

To elaborate a little more, I'm a 23 y/o full time college student whose path has been set, or so I think? I have been working as a Licensed Practical Nurse for 3+ years now and have finally buckled down to go back to school for my AAS in Nursing (wooo! Registered Nursing!).  I come from a large family of nurses and I absolutely love what I do. But if I could have it my way, I'd be a professional baker-makeup guru-photographing-nurse! But alas, I am not Superwoman. So the former three have evolved into my hobbies/passions :) So be prepared to hear me rant/rave/write/post about anything from my favorite makeup to the not-so-glamorous life of Nursing!


Today is what I like to call Tackling Taxes Thursday! Ok ok...technically it's Friday as I write this, but who's keeping tabs?  So after much frustration and a few choice 4-letter words I screamed at my computer, I finally completed my taxes. Pheeeew! Let's take a second to cherish the moment (::pause for effect::). Ok! A big thanks to my mom, the tax guru, for all her help. She definetely knows her stuff about accounting, taxes, and all that stuff that makes you go yaaaaawn and helped me to get the maximum refund possible! I can't wait to go on a shopping spree be responsible and put that money into savings! :P

I'd love to go on, but I'm having a late-night mental block. Not to mention, the sound of Oprah in the background is quite the distraction.

So I leave you with this! (I thought it was semi-fitting since I will be meeting new people on here!)
                Confucius say: "When you meet someone better than
                  yourself, turn your 
thoughts to becoming his equal.
you meet someone not as good as you are, look                         
                  within and examine your own self."