Although living in Arizona is my comfort zone, I know I'm going to have to break out of it eventually...because I'm engaged to a military man! I never thought about having to leave home (mom and dad) and I figured I'd graduate college, start my career, and stay here in good ol' Arizona. That is, until the day I met Ron. Well...not the day, but some time after...

I met Ron at an easter picnic back in 2007 through some mutual family friends. After a year of brief run-ins, small chit-chat here and there, and hanging out at parties, our acquaintance status blossomed into that of a friendship. I found Ron was a comforting person to lean on, someone who really took an interest into listening to me and trying to help me solve my problems. My friendship with Ron picked up and we found ourselves constantly texting each other, grabbing a bite to eat, or seeing the latest flick. After months of dating, we made it official. I was officially his girlfriend for a couple weeks. And then he deployed. :( It was only a 4 month deployment to Iraq, but we did it together, and the bond between us grew even stronger.
Me & Ron the day he came home from Iraq

Supportive Friends :)
A month after he came home from Iraq, and about 5 months of officially dating, he popped the question (with mom and dad's approval of course)! And if you're thinking...only 5 months? You aren't the only ones! We had our group of skeptical people...telling us we were rushing things and moving too fast. But hey, if you're in love, why wait? 

We started making wedding plans and checking out venues here in Phoenix. I've lost count of the number of venues I've seen. I also enrolled on bridal websites, looked at invitations, and even set the date!

And after 2 years...

We're still engaged! Unfortunately, that's life for ya! Financially, we weren't ready and then I got accepted into nursing school. (yay me!) We also had a deployment scare (luckily it got cancelled last minute) so that set things behind as well. I have a year left of once I graduate, the wedding plans will be set in to high gear again! 

Until then, we are enjoying the time we have left here in Arizona (maybe forever??) and taking in all the things that life throws at us, together ♥


  1. Such a cute story! :)

  2. Hi Ms Kim, I'm friends with your sissy :) Love your banner, and can't wait to read more about your soon to be MilSpouse life! ;)

  3. Love your story. I'm glad that its possible to have a long engagement... people are telling me that you can't have long engagements you proved them wrong.