Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In!

It's Time Again!!

Here are the results!

I suppose it's time to spill the beans now. I haven't lost the weight completely all on my own with diet and exercise. I've been using drugs...

Legal of course :)

I started Phentermine back on March 27th (around week 4 i believe), and can honestly say that it has helped me overcome that hump of not being able to lose anything thanks to my hypothyroidism. It's not a long term thing, mind you. It's only a 3 month therapy, but it helps to train your body and stomach to eat less. Appetite suppressant it is. And I know all about people who go on fad diets and what not and lose weight only to gain it all back once they go off the diet. Don't worry, that won't be me! 

And if it sounds familiar, well that's because phentermine was part of the Fen-Phen drug back in the day that got banned by the FDA. Phentermine is still approved by the FDA though :)

It hasn't even been a month yet since I've been on the pills, and already I see great results! To be down in the 130's...well I haven't seen that happen in a loooooong time!

And although it costs me a pretty penny and I had to be medically cleared by my endocrinologist, I'm very happy that I chose to start these pills. Yes, I'm somewhat of a cheater, but with my condition, I can't lose the weight as well as other people who are completely healthy (this is not an excuse, it's the truth!).

 I still do my daily exercising and eat right. I've cut out soda and drink water only (every once-in-a-blue-moon,  I will throw in a juice or something but try not to since I can easily rack up calories drinking things other than water). It's been a month-and-a-half since I've given up fast food and I don't regret it! It would be so nice to be one of those people who don't have to count calories and constantly watch what they eat. But I just don't have that luxury. I've minimized myself to an 800 calories/day diet. It doesn't seem like much, but I assure you it's quite normal for people with Hypothyroidism who have to manage a low-cal diet for the rest of their lives. And i figure it's better to start now anyway since I didn't have much discipline before. 

Not to mention, it's nice having a partner who puts your eating habits first. He always thinks about me first before buying groceries for dinner or going somewhere out to eat (hey...i gave up fast food, not restaurants tho! hehe). If we do eat at restaurants, I stay away from anything fried and always carry around my Calorie King book! 

Hopefully I can get down in to the 120 range which is my goal. I'm only 18 lbs away! Nothing would please me more than to be able to fit into a wedding dress whose size doesn't consist of double numbers. Not to mention, it would be nice to look back at wedding pictures one day and be proud of the way I looked in my dress!! :)

That's all for my random ramblings! Have a wonderful weekend bloggies!!


  1. Well whatever will get you on the right track to your goals. I think a lot of times pills can help jump start a healthy lifestyle, and you are great just using them as supplements and not your whole diet :) You are doing great!

  2. Lovely post!congratulations!you can do it and don't feel bad about the pills!i know how an illness can really hold you back!
    Love your blog too!
    Im now following!check mine out if you like?


  3. no one will look down upon you for doing what you have to do to get the desired weight. Keep up the good work!! :)

  4. Congrats girl!

    I haven't lost weight, I'm still at 126 I haven't had a soda for a month, and I'm still in the same weight, well I think. I havent had the guts to get on the scale. I drink 2 to 3 bottles of water a day, Birth Control really screwed me up.

  5. YOU GO GIRL!! That is amazing!! So proud of you and you should be too! I totally hear you on wanting to look back on your wedding photos and be in the best shape of your life - when is your wedding again? Mine isn't for 14 months but I need to start getting my health act in gear, too!

  6. Cheater!!! :D Good for you! Now if I can just get to your level. Especially before a baby comes! I'm gonna be pushing myself for the next month (or longer if I don't get to a good range).

  7. Oh and if you want a sweet drink alternative, give Crystal Light a try! Unless you're against artificial sweeteners.