Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back To Reality!

Just got back last night from Hollywood/LA! A much needed mini-vacation :)

Here's our trip in photos! I had close to 200 photos, but won't post all of them!

Ps...turn up your speakers and enjoy the background music I added to go with this post. Lol 

getting ready to go to the club!

the guys at Exchange LA

cece and i

anthony...and well...yeah.

ron and i

walk of fame!!

HAD to find elvis :)

this dog had some serious dreads

ron outside chinese theatre

Here's the start of the Wax Museum photos!

grabbed some lunch at Hard Rock!


Driving up the hills as far as we could to get close!

Dinner at Boiling Crab!


cece & anthony

ron & i

Ended our trip with lunch from Aloha Cafe in Downtown LA

My lunch: Kalua Pork, Lomi Salmon, and Chicken Long Rice!
Om nom nom!!

Shaved Ice :)

And Lastly...had to stop at the Cabazon Outlets near Palm Springs, CA. 

Here's my goodies I bought :)
Dress from Papaya 21.99. 
Black Romper from Guess 44.99 (orig. 60.00)
Black Fleece Capris from Guess 29.99 (orig 40.00)
Black Fleece Sweater from Guess 44.99 (orig 60.00)
Coach Purse 136.79 (orig 398.00)

 Ray Ban Sunglasses 52.00 (orig 149.00)

Happy Tuesday!! ♥


  1. looks like you had great mini-vacation! I always like going to La! ;)

  2. Hey found you on Around the World Wednesdays! Those wax figures look VERY good! Lol before I read the caption "Start of the Wax Museum" I was like OMG will smith! lol hope you will check out our blog as well

  3. Oh this brings back so many sweet memories! I got engaged the last time I went to Hollywood and I miss it so much.

    Looks like you had a blast!

  4. Sounds so fun! Wax figurines looked so real! I was all like, "Woa! She got to see Will Smith, and Jim Carry, and... is that Tom Hanks? He looks so young! Wait...". BTW: Just saw Forrest Gump like a half an hour ago, love that movie!