Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wii! (Weeee!)

Hello World!

I am trying to put in to words my weekend wrap-up. But for some reason I can't seem to get them together. And i'm having a hard time recapping what I did. haha. Having 12 days off for Spring days have all kind of jumbled together! But anywho...

Check out my goodies I got this weekend!

1. Coastal Scents 88-Eyeshadow Palette - I included some pictures of my eyeballs with some different shades on it. Pigment on the eyeshadow is nice, and lasts all day when I apply my eye primer first. Not bad for $18.00!

2. A Wii! I've only been bugging Ron for the past 3 months to buy us one! He's been hesitant, saying I probably wouldn't ever play it. He finally agreed, and today we went to Best Buy and bought a bundle and some other accessories. We spent most of today playing it :)

We also grabbed some lunch at Wildflower. Mmm!

I'd love to blah blah some more, but I really need to get back in to my sleeping routine! Back to school tomorrow! Bleh! Happy Sunday!!


  1. Love the make up! That's awesome you guys got a Wii! That snadwich looks Heavenly!!!! Happy slumber!